Online action games are those games which are being played over the net, through a computer laptop or mobile phones or and electronic gadget like that. Online games can never be played without the help of the internet of any other technology similar to it.


With your ninja skills you have to pop all the bubbles in every challenging levels to become the best ninja. Good Luck Ninja!

Hit Bubbles = Mouse (point and click)


Once again, you must defend mother Russia from the clutches of evil via building a solid defense against the German invasion. Try different builds and strategies to overcome the offensive. This time you need to power your structures so be careful where you place the buildings. Good Luck!

Play This Game = Mouse (point and click)


The objective of the game is to get to the end of each level by shooting your way through the guards. Keep a steady hand as you will need some skill in using your bow. A tip to this game is to just keep firing. There will be a bird dropping arrows to restock your ammo when you have low supplies. Try to get the hang of your shots and shot range.. Enjoy!

Movements = Arrow keys
Fire Arrows = Use Mouse (drag left mouse button)